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Weekend in London


A Weekend in London Information - What to see and do.


Weekend in London Tube Map - Weekend in London Information - What to see and doLondon is a wonderful city, whether you are visiting on business or pleasure. Weekend-in-London.com came about as a result of a number of two night stays by Jean and Graham Beven, the webmasters of the JeGraNet.com partnership, who’s motto is ‘Internet on the move’, as their main interest is travel.

You certainly won’t lack things to do on a weekend in London. This website is an invaluable store of generic information, including many aspects of the city. We hope you will find everything you need to make your weekend in London a weekend to remember! Roman ruins, art and architecture. palaces, churches, galleries and museums.

Planning a weekend in London?  What to see and do.

Weekend in London planning starts here: There is an incredible array of things to see and do. There is something for everyone including; film shows, live performances, art and photography exhibitions, museums and family activities. What we would say is – Plan your weekend in London, as failing to plan is planning to fail. Watch out fro the thief of time – Queuing!

There is almost a theme park atmosphere at times with the world famous British Airways London Eye featuring at number one on our list the top ten thing to do and Chinatown on our list of places to visit. With so many sights and attractions, both contemporary and historical, London is probably the world’s most exciting tourist destinations. You can’t do it all in a weekend in London.

Travel Tips - Monuments - Music Makes the World Go to London

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